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About Us

Our Story

Our story started way back in 1954 by Shri Ketaki Ranjan Danda, a refugee from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) with an initial capital of Rs. 200 and an entrepreneurial spirit of doing something that will be the Pride of Bengal, decided to create something.

He chose the trade-brand “P3”.

Low and Carr of England designed the ‘P3’ logo. The logo represented 3 basic principles that constitute the making of all ‘P3’ products.

P for Perfect Knit

P for Perfect Stitch

P for Perfect Finish

i.e P+P+P illustrated as P3

P3 in short represents excellent quality, a high level of customer satisfaction and is proudly made in India.

We trust ourselves in producing good quality products – And have earned the trust of people through our efforts.

Till date, we still remain primarily a Bengali-owned family business.


Without going into the definition and theories of our mission statements, let me keep this simple for you.

“You already have a million problems that life will throw at you, your clothing (both inner and outer) shouldn’t be one”

Our mission is to provide customers with good products embodying innovation, functionality and comfort. We have added comfort at the end because the most important aspect comes last.

We cannot compromise with quality, and are ready to take the hit rather than dump products into the market without considering ‘everything’ i.e from the yarn to the packaging.

In relation to innovation and functionality (utility) we continuously scrutinise ourselves to come up with better, newer ideas. And all these aspects – innovation, functionality and comfort must be equally addressed.

Try this for thought – You may have an underwear which looks fantastic, but if you have to adjust it 24×7 isn’t it a big nuisance ?

What we did 6 months ago, we do better now. And what we will do 6 months ahead, we will do better than what we do now. We constantly try to come up with new ideas, and new styles for products (some have been ahead of their time also!)

And we strive to be the perfect brand.

P3 – perfect knit, perfect stitch, perfect finish


With over 5 decades of manufacturing experience we as a company first ask ourselves ,”What do we want our customers to feel ?” In essence, we believe in comfort.

Our philosophy is very simple. We try and give you the best quality yarn, processed in the right proportions, precisely cut and made under a watchful eye – to produce cloth that breathes. Our goal of comfort is always in mind when we execute our processes.

We try our best, we always assure you that. That’s why incase of a manufacturing defect, we take full responsibility, and we will replace the product completely.


They say if you do things yourself, not only will you learn, but you’ll also do a great job after a certain period of time.  Why a certain period of time ? Well, nobody is perfect. Everything takes time.

Over 50 years is a long time.  Yes, we took time, but we are confident of our standards.

We pick the yarn,  we choose the process, we are keen on details, we are keen on records. If we are not sure, we’ll read, spend some money, browse the internet to get sure. We look into our procedures, our methods and our products. And we assure you, that when you pick up a P3 product, among all your other worldly problems you DON’T have QUALITY to worry about.