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Basant Bahar


Before we tell you about this product, lets just get to the part as to why it’s called Basant Bahar. The name in essence, defines the Joy of Spring arriving after the cold winter. So its the first thing to wear as a symbol when spring arrives. But why are we even telling you this ?

Well, the name Basant Bahar sounds so old school, you may actually think is this the name of a product ?

Never the less, once you wear it, you would not go for something else.

Nowadays most companies come out with undershirts, well, Basant Bahar or BB as we like to call it (because quite frankly its easier on the keyboard) is the old-school undershirt.

Its made of up the lightest fabric and is 100% ring-spun super combed fine cotton. You won’t feel like you’re wearing anything and its ideal for loungewear on a sunday afternoon when you’re streaming something on Netflix etc/ or for that matter pondering about life as we know it.

Its also an ideal under-shirt in the cool-winters, as it keeps you cosy and comfortable (sorry Spring we can’t wait for you all the time)

PS : It has a twin – MM or Megha Malhar






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