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Boxer Briefs



Boxer-Briefs are a combination of the fit of normal briefs and the comfort of boxers. Generally, a boxer is slightly baggy, allowing for maximum leg movement. A true boxer, like the real ones will cover about half your thigh, but now mostly cover about a third. But haven’t we bored you with such a history lesson about Boxer-Briefs and their applications ? So, lets talk about the product.

  • The Boxer Brief style# 3255 is one special under-garment. Just like all our briefs, we take pride in the fact that its 100% super combed cotton 1×1 Rib knit fabric. This facet is important because cotton keeps you comfortable, and comfort is our priority.
  • The pouch in-front is a double-ply seamed contoured pouch – which in simple english translates to a proper shape and structure to ensure a good fit.
  • An Ultra-soft ClinGrip sits below the natural waist line on the hips for a soothing grip and the leg cuffs below are flat seamed with inserted rubber tapes for added flexibility and comfort.
  • The back of the product is seamless which enhances the stretch to give you a CTBF aka close-to-body-fit without compromising comfort.

But wait, we haven’t come to the best part of this product i.e its 2 way stretch.

  • Style#3255 or Boxer Briefs (we like to call it the former because its cooler) contains an special 3 part bottom panel that supports easy movements and reduced chafing due to a vertical stretching centre-part and a horizontal stretching left and right part. Simply, you can try a full-split with this product on, and it go along with your leg movement. You see, this is important because no one wants to be restricted especially in terms of movement below.

Try-On Guarantee (no, we are not going to add a ‘ * ‘ beside it) is available with this product.

So, after your first purchase of the product, incase you don’t like the fit or the colour, or anything as such about the product, we shall refund your money completely, no questions asked OR send you another piece (if you want one incase of a size/colour issue)

You need not return the boxer-brief for reasons we won’t bother typing. 

This is our P3 guarantee. 


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