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Well we made this product in the late 1970’s, but then we stopped it because we felt it could be even better. Tuning a product offering takes time, so we took time to allocate research on styles, fit and fabric. And after some fine-tuning and investment, we decided to go ahead and put our research to the test.

Conti – the new version in 2016 is simply unique. The cotton is 100% super fine ring-spun, and the style sets it apart from any brief available in the market.

  • The 4 way stretch feature is one of it most crucial facets. You see, men have problems. And amongst their problems one issue is underwear sliding moving out of place while doing some basic activities like siting and standing. Well, since you’re uncomfortable, we are uncomfortable, so we decided to fix it. The unique 4 way stretch feature removes this issue completely – so, in short, unlike others briefs this one adjusts according to you. Sit, stand, run etc this one’s not moving anywhere.
  • Bar tacks have been provided at sensitive joints for added support, and special emphasis has been made to make this product more comfortable.
  • Special denim styled ClinGrip elastic which ensures a comfortable grip around your waist.

We took sometime to come out with this one, and after repeated trial and error, we are satisfied that Conti is one of our best products/underwear made by us. In fact, since we have so much faith in it, we also offer our Try-On Guarantee (no, we are not going to add a ‘ * ‘ beside it) with this product.

So, after your first purchase of the product, incase you don’t like the fit or the colour, or anything as such about the product, we shall refund your money completely, no questions asked OR send you another piece (if you want one incase of a size/colour issue)

You need not return the brief for reasons we won’t bother typing.

This is our P3 guarantee. 


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