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Crew Necks


Ah the classic crew neck!

Since the dawn of time, this has been the standard Tee. The classic crew neck doesn’t get old, and since evolution it has been adopted but not really altered. People have given it so many different names – strange names like “The Gob Shirt” but its basic structure has always been the same.

We didn’t like this stereo-typical way of thinking though, so we decided to change certain things.

For instance, have you realized that most crew necks have their necks sagging after repeated washing. We got a little irritated with that, so yeah, we decided to fix that with our unique non-sag neckline tweak.

Made up of 100% combed cotton yarn to keep you comfortable, our crew necks can be worn as an under-shirt during the winter, and also normally during the summer.

Events, parties, or annoying family gatherings, you can’t go wrong with our crew neck, unless you choose a very bad colour combination and it doesn’t go with your pants (say a Brown crew neck with yellow shorts)

Why us ?

  • 100% Super combed cotton – because comfort matters.
  • No sagging at the neckline, even if you wash it everyday for the rest of your life.
  • Light-weighted tee, ideal for evening strolls.  Its like a feather, when you wear it.

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