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Megha Malhar Pack of 3×3



Megha Malhar is Basant Bahar’s twin. The only difference is that its even lighter. And yes, the story is slightly less boring.

Legend says this Indian classical music (or raga we know it) brings forth rains to cool the scorching heat of the summer – *Megha  Malhar mic drop*

So, a lighter under-shirt made up of thin 100% ring-spun super combed  cotton yarn. It soothes the skin, and keeps you comfortable. And you won’t know if you’re wearing it. Ideal for loungewear, or simply put “relaxing” this under-shirt keeps you cool and composed.

The neckline is properly U-shaped so it stays hidden below your shirt, and it can be used instead of vests also, you know, if you want to stay cosy on the inside, and efficient on the out!


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