Thermal "Turkish" Socks


Responsibility Quotient

The Buck stops here!

When you buy a product from us, we hold ourselves responsible for it.

Our Return or Exchange/Refund policy is applicable to all our products so please get back to us if you feel that the price you paid for the product is not worth the product you got.



To you, our customer...

We will always strive to give you the best product shown on our website. We source the yarn, knit and dye the fabrics with trusted suppliers and we charge accordingly, our prices. 

We believe that everything we do we need to bring value to our customers. Value in the form of the best cotton, the best fit, shrinkage within tolerable limits and being 100% transparent when it comes to our products - its NOT "cotton rich", its 60% Cotton etc

We are accountable for what we give you. We have our Try On guarantee offer for our underwear, we have our standards when it comes to delivery of our products(10 days or free) and in short, if you are not happy we do not think its right to keep your money. 




P3 Since 1954, CALCUTTA - Insider Look, 2018



Fabric is important. From the material to the colours chosen. We take special care to ensure we satisfactorily tick these off when manufacturing our products. 



Cuts matter. From the style to the fitting to the fall - every cut made is crucial. We use the best machines and the best craftsmen to make sure thats the case. 



Every single stitch on a P3 product has a story. Since 1954 we have used the best machines to make sure our products are made right. Thus, our P3 guarantee.

Our customers say.

I have ordered from many companies online and many brands too. I have never come across a brand where value to the customer is prioritised over everything. You have got a lifetime customer in me!

Ramchandran, Chennai

P+P+P "P3" I still remember the jingle tune on the radio as a child. Super Nostalgic, known for your good quality. Keep up the good work!

Subir, Kolkata

I was really touched by your personal message. I have been buying and using P3 products since I was 11 years old, my mother used to say their vests are the best. I will continue to be a loyal P3 fan, and was truly impressed by your online service, will tell my friends to try it. Wishing you all the best.

Sidhartha Ray, West Bengal

Our P3 Underwear Guarantee

After your first purchase of any of our underwear, in case you don’t like the fit or the colour, or anything as such about the product, we shall refund your money completely, no questions asked OR send you another piece (if you want one in case of a size/colour issue)

You need not return the brief. This is our P3 guarantee. 

We are responsible to give you the best quality and to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

All we ask for is your valuable feedback related to the product.