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When you think of buying your T-Shirt the first thing that comes to your mind is the design and neck style. Colour and quality of the fabric come after that. There are hundreds of Designs we can see online, but the type we need is mostly not available. There comes plain and straightforward T-Shirt to bring that lost touch in your fashion statement the same you and your friends are looking.

P3 brings the best in quality T-Shirts with very high-quality fabric that can be purchased online at your comfort. Products quality and the delivery of the product done fast. To get the best in class simple looking T-shirts, P3 is the place that I would recommend.

If you have a business requirement or personal requirement for gifting bulk t-shirts we do work on our customer's choice to deliver. But choosing the correct T-shirt brand becomes very difficult. Not all the brands and T-shirts available in the market is reliable and trustworthy. Many brands lag behind in respect to quality and delivery standards. P3 as a brand curve a place in the market with its quality product and delivery both.

Wearing the style with "P3", you leave a statement and reflect the coveted choice. For your organisation when you are gifting P3 to your colleagues, they not only feel good but also move a step ahead to show others how much their organisation think for them to gift such a quality branded T-Shirt.

P3 is in the industry from 1954 producing one of the best T-Shirt products that you could see in the market from many years ago. Now available from the online store they manufacture, sell and cut-sew T-Shirts across the world.

With the plain T-Shirts they also keep an option for printed T-Shirts which can create a fashion statement for you, but these taken as a particular order.

Our customers are privileged buyers for us, so we bring only the best in the market regarding fabric, yarn, style, stitching and fitting of all the design variations we have till now. Our brand provides the last touch when buyers wear it. We also provide scope for the bulk order of single colour or design. But for the same, we need order and time to deliver.

Let's see a few designs we have:

  1. Polo T-shirts

Men with today's modern fashion-oriented life are all going for this design. Casual wear which brings comfort during the summer heat. It gives you a semi-formal or formal look which brings attraction in the party. To get special offers and quality Polo T-shirts trust only P3.

  1. Henley T-shirts

Henley design is getting popular in fashion. It comes with a different look putting you in focus whether it's a party or tour. With denim and sneakers, it looks excellent makes men smart. You must try P3's Henley's and feel the touch of being exclusive.

  1. V-Neck T-shirts

It's made to make you feel you are wearing nothing. Made of silk that helps you feel light and make you feel good. When used with slim fit jeans and sneakers it's ready to take to the next stage of fashion.