Thermal Socks Rs.299 (MRP inclusive of all taxes)

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When it comes to the winter, it is very normal to layer up from top to bottom. But have you ever considered your feet ?

Think about it - from a small age, we are always told to cover your chest, ears and feet. Chest and ears make lot of sense, but why feet ? The scientific reasons are all available on the internet, but think about it practically. 

Imagine you are covered from top to bottom but your feet are cold - do you feel warm ? If you are human, then the answer is a 2 letter word that starts with N. 

When this company was founded in 1952, my grandfather along with my grandmother use to hand knit them at home and then walk on foot to the market hand delivering to shops one at a time.

We make our socks in house with our own machines. Our brand's foundation of goodwill was built on socks. That is why we have our Try On Guarantee with them, because we believe in our product. So if you do not love them or find them of value, keep your first order, we will still fully refund you. 

Please feel free to write to us if you have any suggestions or feedback. We experiment everyday with our products and put the money we earn back into our business so that we can be more innovative the next time our paths meet. 

Thank You so much for reading upto here...

Much Love, 

The P3 Team