Laze Pants 2.0

100% Cot-Silk® Processed Cotton. Dense Knit. Adjusted Length. Draw string for easy sizing. Extremely comfortable - it encourages you to relax and chill. 

Been following you for a year and have bought many items. This one is filed again under the "Quality" list. Thankyou, for fixing my complaint with the Laze Pants. The new ones are really amazing

Tamal Mukherjee

Kolkata, West Bengal

Love the fit and fabric. I missed office because I fell asleep with these on...Note to self, use it on Friday night! 

Pavan Mishra

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Love the fabric. Value for money. Also, thankyou for the quick service when requested for a size change. Appreciate the communication and the intention behind providing value to your customers!

Raj Shah

Mumbai, Maharashtra