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The male "vital zone" as all males know is the most delicate part of the male body. Its well being and comforts effect not only the physical condition but also the mental attitude and alertness, facts unfortunately not realised by most men.

Strain muscles and rupture may arise from almost any activity – which also includes activities by sportsmen, busy executives and all other active men.

As such, inadequate “Vital-zone” support may lead to risking serious consequences of rupture.

P3 2-in-1 Support has been specially developed and designed to help protect better the male vital zone. Also, its 100% cotton, so comfort is never compromised. Ever! (The band elastic that is used (solid white) is also made up of 100% Cotton)

Ideal for :

  • Gym-wear
  • Footballers (or any outside sports)
  • Cricketers
  • If you ride motorcycles or scooters
  • If you like running

In short, anything sport or movement related. 

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Very good product & fast delivery. Thank you P3 Team